Project your conference or any kind of activities’ schedule

In this time of digital information it is very important to provide customers with direct and quick information. Changes at the schedule can be done any time so that it is easier for the visitors to move around the hotel and head for the facilities they want.


Create easily events and schedule when and where they will be projected.


Make changes quickly and easily and project them with a single Update!
Don’t let anything go to waste. Keep your visitors informed 24 hours a day in any device at your place!

Projection of schedule conferences

Group monitors and schedule when and where the events will be projected, providing information that refers to the halls, floors or the program and in the meantime advertisements of products and services.
Adjustable at your own company profile.
Your content is saved and secured.
Unlimited space for saving your data.

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  • Time & Date of event
  • Set of icons for types of events
  • Location of event
  • Direction Arrows adjustable to monitor location
  • Multi-lingual

Can be combined with

  • Digital Signage
  • Info Channel

Installation methods

  • Directly through Smart TV
  • Through OCG Smart Box and full compatibility with older TV technologies

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