The epicenter of visitor’s experience.

Offer your visitors a personalized experience and give them an unforgettable stay.

Welcome Mr. Hotel Owner!

Welcome your customers with personalized messages and make them feel just like they deserve … special! Through their room’s TV screen customers can be informed of any hotel services, activities, announcements, theme nights, the weather, points of interest and bus or plane time schedules.

In addition, guests have the option of ordering from their TV or mobile device, book at the spa or the restaurant and exchange direct messages with the front desk.

Provide yours clients direct access internet and collect their data from their social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Simplify your customers’ arrival process!

Upon their arrival in your city, customers are able to book with your hotel through an app on their mobile device. All necessary booking information is stored in the application for easy access in the future.

Transform your reception area and promote your services through digital technology.

Interactive touchscreens in common areas offer your customers targeted information of your services at any time, easily and directly. From the very first moment, guests have the opportunity to explore the hotel, study the Points of Interest in the surrounding area, and even answer a short questionnaire about whether they were satisfied or not.

Give your customers the ability to feel “at home”.

Dinner in the room or in one of the hotel’s restaurants?

No matter what the answer is, let your customers book a table in one of your hotel’s restaurants, or order the dish they want in their room, through their TV or their mobile device, and let your staff serve your customers free of responsibilities.

Your customers receive updates,

24 hours a day,

as you advertise your products and services.

At the same time, allow your customers to make bookings and orders, buy products and services quickly and easily, directly from their smartphone, tablet, infokiosk & TV!

Conferences and Digital Information

Are you concerned about informing visitors at your conferences?

With digital information and the Timeline feature, your visitors can find all the necessary information about the rooms, the floors or the program of the conference, directly and easily.

Technology & security combined.

With the “smart keys”, clients by simply approaching their mobile device close to their door room it unlocks. Offer your clients the best hospitality experience by skipping reception queue.

Take control of your communication with your customers.

Share any content you like on every communication device in your area via a central management system!

OCG is fully compatible with every type of infrastructure.

It can be fitted to analogue & digital TV systems (IPTV – SmartTV) without the need to interfere with the existing cable infrastructure and without narrowing your choice to any TV type or brand.

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